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Renters Insurance

We believe that there are too many tenants living in and around Boca Raton without renters insurance, and they don’t realize they need it until it is too late.

A crisis could strike at any time. Whether it be a hurricane, a fire, or a break-in, no one knows what life may throw at you, and the property damage could be catastrophic. Boca Raton renters need to be prepared for anything, and should take every step possible to make sure that they’re prepared for the future. That’s why all tenants should have renters insurance in Boca Raton. Nature and the general public have a long list of victims; if you must be one at some point, at least be proactive and invest in protection for your belongings and livelihood.

Why get renters insurance? Even though you do not own the property you rent, you do own your furniture and personal belongings, which can be damaged, stolen or destroyed. At Chaisteli Insurance Group it is our mission to help protect renters like you from having to pay for property damage without insurance.

It is true, you may be liable if someone has an accident or injury on the premises you occupy. You could also be hit with emergency living expenses if a fire or other disaster displaces you from your rented home. We serve Boca Raton with renters insurance policies that help when unexpected property damage occurs in your residence. When you have renter’s insurance, property damage that would normally cost you thousands of dollars out of pocket is now covered for a fraction of the cost.

Most importantly, renters insurance courtesy of Chaisteli Insurance Group will give you peace of mind. No one wants to stress out over potential crises and property damage in Boca Raton. Especially not in a high-risk area like South Florida, where tropical storms, hurricanes and break-ins are a relatively common occurrence. Without renters insurance, the damage that you may accrue from such disasters may be enough to put a serious dent in your savings or even wipe them out.

Yet despite these and other risks, only a third of renters are protected by rental insurance. Either because they are not aware of it, or they think they do not need it. Don’t let one bad situation ruin your plans for the future. Invest in renters insurance in Boca Raton and protect your personal property and sanity.

If you’re confused about what rental insurance is and why you need it, we’re here to help. At Chaisteli Insurance Group we can fill you in on what a good renters policy will cover and why it’s value outweighs the reasonable cost to protect you and your loved ones from potential losses. Our insurance experts work with you to create a policy that will fit your needs, so you can rest easy knowing that your belongings and your finances are protected for any and all unexpected events.

If you live in southern Florida, call our Boca Raton office for renters insurance information. Let us help you fill this gap in your insurance coverage:  954-583-3838.

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