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Umbrella Insurance in Davie, FL

Umbrella Insurance in Davie, FL

Umbrella Insurance Services

Protect yourself from extraordinary losses your other policies may not cover with an umbrella insurance policy.

Davie and the greater Broward County area, Fort Lauderdale and Davie are just a few of the cities we serve, we have clients all throughout the state of Florida that are covered through our liability agency.

Umbrella insurance is an extra liability insurance policy that goes beyond the limits of your homeowners, auto, or watercraft policies. Umbrella insurance policies may even provide coverage for injuries, property damage, certain lawsuits, and personal liability situations; like paying for your defense in a lawsuit.

An example of this type of coverage: If your auto policy will only pay out liability damages up to $500,000, an umbrella policy could extend that amount to a million dollars or more. Keep in mind that the cost is relatively inexpensive compared to the value it offers. Our team in Davie and the greater Broward County area can help you determine the right coverage for you

How We Can Help

You may think you have enough insurance now to cover yourself. Given some of today’s enormous jury awards, better think again. An umbrella policy is peace of mind. Contact us for more information about the insurance policies we offer in the Davie and the greater Broward County area.

Eli King

Elijeana King-Thompson, CPIA, is a highly experienced insurance professional, transformational leader, and certified high-performance coach, boasting over 30 years in the insurance industry. Her expertise encompasses navigating market shifts, consumer trends, and technological advancements. With a strong focus on educating clients about industry changes affecting their personal lives, especially in the context of Florida's unpredictable weather, Elijeana is committed to providing exceptional service and peace of mind. She specializes in reviewing and updating insurance products to align with clients' life changes, ensuring they receive the most relevant and effective coverage.