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4 years ago · by ·3 comments

Misconceptions about purchasing Auto Insurance

Living in Florida poses a lot of challenges for the average consumer when purchasing insurance. We position ourselves as an agency that shares information and we educate the consumer for the versatile marketplace we face. I want to share common misconceptions in purchasing homeowners; that in my 23 years in the industry I have come across. As you read these, please keep in mind they are all FALSE. Please call our agency if you would like elaboration or clarity with regards to the shared information and we look forward to serving you and continue to offer valued information to our community.

  1. I do not need to carry auto insurance if I don’t drive the car every day
  2. My 16-year-old can drive my car all the time and be covered even if they are not on my policy
  3. Full coverage means that I have bodily injury coverage
  4. I can carry limits of 10/20 bodily injury with a lease vehicle.
  5. My agent says the Uninsured motorist covers the other person’s car
  6. If I am still paying for my car I do NOT need comp/ collision
  7. Personal Injury Protection is better than health insurance
  8. I can file a claim if I want a new paint job
  9. I have 5 People living in my home but my agent only insures me and the others are covered
  10. My driving record does NOT affect my premium
  11. The state does not know if I have insurance or not
  12. If I have an accident I can show an expired ID card and have coverage
  13. I NEVER have to carry proof of coverage in my vehicle
  14. If I sell my vehicle I do NOT have to let my agent know
  15. My license will not get suspended if I have no insurance
  16. I can have 3 claims in one year and my rates will NOT be affected
  17. State Required coverage is FULL coverage
  18. My rates are so high because there is NO fraud in Florida
  19. Age does NOT play a factor with my premium
  20. My premium will go up if I get married
  21. My insurance is so high because my car is RED

If you have further inquiries about purchasing auto insurance, contact us at our contact form.


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