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The Importance of Homeowner’s Insurance When You Live in Florida

The Importance of Homeowner’s Insurance When You Live in Florida

By: Eli King | February 22, 2021 3:16 am

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Although the state of Florida doesn’t mandate the need for homeowner’s insurance, there are reasons why it is important to have it. Let’s take a look.


Don’t let Florida’s nickname of the “Sunshine State” fool you. Yes, for most of the year it is sunny and warm in the state. However, the storms that roll through can cause a lot of damage. Strong winds and heavy rains have the ability to completely destroy your house.

If you’re not prepared and protected with homeowner’s insurance, you could end up paying an arm and leg for repairs and remodels.

You should also know that just because you have homeowner’s insurance, doesn’t mean you’ll be covered in the event of a flood. Many homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover damages caused by floods. And don’t think you can get away with not having any flood insurance. If you live in Florida, you need flood insurance, and here’s why.

  1. Out of all 50 states, Florida has been hit with the most hurricanes in recorded history.
  2. The terrain in Florida is flat and predominately at a low elevation. When water levels rise, it has the capability of spreading wide and far.
  3. Florida has the second-largest coastline. With 8,436 miles of coast, it’s at a higher risk of experiencing floods due to high tides.

Mortgage Company May Require You to Have It

If you’re looking to finance your home in Florida, you are required to have a minimum or basic homeowner’s insurance policy.

Covers in the Event of a Loss

You don’t want to think about it, but bad things can and do happen. People’s homes get broken into and robbed, houses start on fire, and trees fall on homes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the peace of mind knowing that you’re covered if one of these events happen? With homeowner’s insurance, you will have that peace of mind.

If you’re moving to Florida and would like help choosing the right homeowner’s insurance policy for you, or you’re just looking for a new homeowner’s insurance policy, contact us at Chaisteli Insurance Group.

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Eli King

Elijeana King-Thompson, CPIA, is a highly experienced insurance professional, transformational leader, and certified high-performance coach, boasting over 30 years in the insurance industry. Her expertise encompasses navigating market shifts, consumer trends, and technological advancements. With a strong focus on educating clients about industry changes affecting their personal lives, especially in the context of Florida's unpredictable weather, Elijeana is committed to providing exceptional service and peace of mind. She specializes in reviewing and updating insurance products to align with clients' life changes, ensuring they receive the most relevant and effective coverage.